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Get rewarded with our Loyalty Program

green points
reduced CO2

For each minute you ride Hobo

  • Reduce 14 grams of CO2
  • Get 1 green point
  • Get 2 green points with Visa

Collect green points and get rewarded

  • For every 380 green points you get 30 FREE minutes
  • For every 680 green points you get 60 FREE minutes
  • Participate with Visa in our Lottery

Reduce CO2

The key metric of the bonus system is based on a comprehensive formula which calculates the reduced CO2 emissions by commuters who use Hobo e-scooters as a transportation mode instead of a car. The formula takes into account that for 1km an average car creates about 123.4g of CO2 emissions, thus within the Loyalty Program, commuters with 1km ride will reduce around 120g of CO2. The average distance of a 13 minutes (average trip duration in city centre) trip is 1.5 km. Thus, the average distance of a 1 minute trip with a Hobo Electric Scooter is 1.115 km (115 meters), which is equivalent to 14 grams reduced CO2 emissions.

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